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Dec 13, 2007

4-day suspension for MP Kulasegaran

IPOH: Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran was given a four-day suspension from the House after he refused to adhere to instructions to sit down by Deputy Speaker Datuk Lim Si Cheng.

The DAP MP was given the boot during the debate on the Members of Parliament (Remuneration) (Amendment) Bill 2007.

Kulasegaran had earlier interrupted the debate speech by Air Hitam MP Dr Wee Ka Siong, and said that the Deputy Speaker should not be involved in chairing a bill discussing salary increments of the speaker and deputy speaker.

Lim also had to adjourn the sitting for 30 minutes at 3.10pm following a disturbance when Kulasegaran refused to leave.

Kulasegaran left the house with DAP MPs 15 minutes later, before the deputy speaker announced his suspension.


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