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Jan 7, 2008

Corrupted, I believe.

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(...) Is the Government really corrupted? As the general election of Malaysia nearing soon, if it is true that the current one has despicable capability to run this country with justice, that there is no need of anything else to say.

Here's story no 2. The bus driver, who is actually a bus company entrepreneur, and a UPM graduate.He talk about politics all the way back to the campus. From the rising oil price, to the condition of our diesel oil quality, to EURO status and what not. He sure do knows a lot for a bus driver! Just what we need in our nation that is lacking of intellectuals.

As a teenager, I only read what is in the paper, so there is a lot that I don't know of what happens before I came into this world, except for what I studied in History during school days. History book only seem make the government look god, and everything else bad. But later days of politics do seem much more fair and coherent than out current days of civilization.

Our management is bad. And I believe that is true. With simple facts that, I believe many do know about. I'm starting to believe that yes, the government somehow, is having a corruption disease.

Fact #1
The government found oil in Kelantan in 1988, near the bordering seas of Thailand and Malaysia. Did the government send Petronas to go ahead and drill it? No, but Thailand did. And until now, just because Kelantan is under pass influence, the Government refused to let the Kelantanese to receive benefit from the oil's royalty. How sadistic is that?

Aren't we all still Malaysians? Isn't Kelantan a Malaysian state and all the people in there are eligible to vote in the elections? Isn't PAS also, a malay, dear UMNO? Isn't the Government suppose to represent us all. There are rumours (Only a rumour) that the government , if they win this coming election in Kelantan ,might announce that the have indeed 'just' found and oil reserve on the sea beds of Kelantan 'recently' when really, Thailand have been sucking a lot of oil from the same core.

Bull shit. |more...|


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