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Jan 7, 2008


Electric News

THE recent sex DVD scandal involving former Malaysian Health Minister Datuk Seri

Dr Chua Soi Lek shows how easy it is to rig a spy camera and film someone without their knowledge.

Experts tell The New Paper on Sunday that it takes anyone just 30 minutes to rig a spy cam.

It takes the professionally trained even less time.

This has the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) concerned. It will discuss the possibility of getting its more than 400 members to sweep all their hotel rooms for hidden cameras or other spying devices.

Whether or not this suggestion will become reality is not confirmed.

MAH secretary-general Sam Cheah Swee Hee told Weekend Mail that the idea would be discussed during its security committee meeting this month.

The meeting is aimed at enhancing security within the hotel and tourism industry.

The New Paper on Sunday interviewed five PIs and one shop-owner who sells spy cam equipment, and asked them what it takes to plant such equipment in hotel rooms.

PI Charles Gomez said in a telephone interview from Hong Kong: 'It's just a matter of getting beyond the closed door.'



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