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Jan 7, 2008

The Winds of Change have come to Perak Darul Ridzuan


After Maghrib prayers and a brief speech at Surau Sri Manjung Lama, we proceeded to Setiawan where Dato Seri Anwar spoke briefly to predominantly Indian audience. He told that the Malays, Chinese and Indians must live in peace and that the Indian problem is not due to the Malays but to the UMNO-BN leadership. He reminded the audience is that he is committed to justice for all, each having rights of their own. In order to achieve distributive justice, he would ensure that our economy performs to its full potential. He opened a branch office of the party. His speech at Kampong Koh was before an audience of some 3,000. His message was loud and clear and the opportunity for change is now and that the people must seize the opportunity to make the change. It lasted for an hour.

The highlight of our visit was without any doubt the Ceramah Umum in Teluk Rubiah, Sri Manjung (near Lumut). When we arrived at the venue, we noticed that there was a huge gathering of predominantly Malays with a spatter of Indians and Chinese. Judging from the number of cars and other vehicles parked in a row stretching some 3 kilometers long on both sides of the road, I could say that there were at least 12,000 people.

Dato Anwar told the audience that he was here to explain the issues and challenges facing Malaysia. He had been talking about them, but because the media including television is tightly controlled, his views and comments have not reached ordinary Malaysians. All they hear is about the good things the government had done and that he is demon and a traitor to his own race. He said in 1998 he was regarded as an agent for the Jews, in 2006 he was viewed as pro-Chinese ,and now he is seen as pro-Hindraf.

He said he is a Malay and Muslim leader who seeks to speak the truth, to be transparent and to work for justice for all. He would protect the rights of the Malays and those of the Chinese and Indians. All Malaysians have rights under the Constitution. As a leader, he will defended and respect the sanctity of the Constitution. He will not use political power to amend the Constitution to suit his purposes. He wanted to make his position clear so that people would not be taken in by propaganda by UMNO Youth. |more...|


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