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Jan 14, 2008

A disgraceful leadership


Malaysia is in crisis mode.

Five-year-old Sharlinie Mohd Nashar went missing. Tenggaroh assemlyman S. Krishnasamy was assassinated.

On the two separate incidents, Prime Minister cum Internal Security Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made separate pleas.

"The abductor must repent amidst the public outrage and return Sharlinie to her parents," he said when asked by reporters on his personal appeal over the disappearance of the girl since Wednesday.

Next, he expressed shock over the murder of the assemblyman.

"I am shocked and saddened by the killing of Datuk Krishnasamy. This is a cruel and despicable act," he told Bernama.

Before that, Pak Lah’s dazed "What’s going on? Why is it so high?" reaction to the latest crime index, where blogger Rocky Bru’s calls upon Pak Lah to give up the Internal Security Ministry portfolio or it might endanger Malaysia’s public safety level in wake of rising crime rate.

Having said all these, The Star today reports that the PM went to Madrid to explain how Malaysia was able to bridge the religious and racial gaps among its people?

What a disgraceful leadership, if you ask me what’s the best sentence to describe the current situation in Malaysia.


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