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Jan 2, 2008

Malaysian Election Year Fraught With Multiple Troubles

Some observers are now predicting that conditions are now ripe for another convulsion – perhaps over the increasingly influential role played by the Prime Minister's ambitious son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, now the deputy UMNO youth head.

Analysts say UMNO’s dominance has relegated other ruling coalition parties representing minority interests to insignificance, fuelling discontent over ethnic, religious and economic marginalisation. This was evident when 30, 000 Indian Malaysians rallied in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 25 to highlight their grievances.

The disillusionment has also been fuelled by a series of allegations of corruption and abuse of power in the main institutions of government including the judiciary, the Anti-Corruption Agency and the police force. A major scandal involved the land and construction costs of the Port Klang Free Zone.

Analysis by Anil Netto

PENANG, Jan 2 (IPS) - Malaysia enters what is widely expected to be an election year with its ruling coalition looking its frailest in recent times. Economic grievances, inter-religious disputes and unfulfilled pledges have spawned growing disillusionment with the administration of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi that could erode popular support for the ruling coalition.

Abdullah took over the reins of power in 2003 after 22 years of autocratic rule under Mahathir Mohamad. After pledging sweeping reforms, he cruised to a landslide victory in a general election the following year. In the process, he briefly halted a pro-reform movement in its tracks. |more...|


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