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Jan 2, 2008

The next top screwer

chua soi lek sex scandal - the next top screwer

Even if the Prima Minisita sack this politician from his health minister position, I don’t think he have to worry anymore. He should consider a career switch in the AV industry screwing younger chicks half his age (actually it’s more than half). It’s a lucrative deal. Some one even argued that he is a public figure he should lead by example.

Who says he’s not leading by example? He did. He’s a health minister, endorsing the effectiveness of the blue pill. He ‘lasted’ for 55 minutes, not bad for a 61 year old stud screwing some one who is old enough to become his daughter. Due to his soaring popularity he can even approach Pfizer to become the next Viagra spokesman. Pele can ‘bungkus’ (retire) already. We will get bored of seeing the same old thing all over again. But politicians speaking on behalf of the blue pill will be something new and sexciting.

Not to mention having an oriental face to promote “Wai Kor/ Wei Ge” will be spot on for the East Asian market. Since we don’t have an official spokesman back in Malaysia, this guy is the right man for the Next Top Malaysian AV male star. He may lack the skill to become a top screwer but he is determined. You can at least compliment by calling him the William Hung of the porn industry. We have freelance karmasutra judges in Malaysia who ought to say this after watching this DVD. |more...|

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