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Jan 16, 2008

Rempits to ferry Voters?!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You read it right, Putera UMNO chairman, Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim wants these road terrorists to ferry UMNO voters to and from the elections. You got to be freeeeeeking kidding me man. They'll probably give the load of them a myocardial infarction ! A heart attack, i miss bio :D

And then these phantom voters will start reappearing again =O . Oh Loh was in the papers , a small article yesterday. APPARENTLY, LINGAM's LAWYER wants to SUE LOH for going to the press, saying it was contempt?!?!?! What?! Who is at fault here?

Who is being harassed by the ACA for no reaason, being stalked by men in cars, getting life threats and kidnapping threats?! Man, this is some messed up shit.

Apparently Sharlinie might have already been taken out of the country. A witness spotted someone who looked like her, but didn't realize it was her until he spotted a poster. Let us just pray that it wasn't her. If it was, and i pray it wasn't, what are our border cops up to?

=| depressing news, really. Work today was alright, this other guy, Julian started alongside me. Knows Yun Ni from somewhere. Hmm. But we didn't have our proper training because the person who was supposed to handle us called in sick. Helped with a bunch of Alice Smith kids though :) that was nice. Adorrabbbbble! Hehe.

Mamak after work with gifford, azman and eric. Nice guys. Then just about to leave ou when banun called me hahah. Apparently she and aiman went looking for me at Camp5, but i had already left after my shift.

So i met them and we walked around a bit, before meeting Azam and settling at O' Brien's for their dinner. More walking after then we played pool and foosball :( i dont like foosball. hahaha. Walked home after, and had dinner.

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