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Jan 16, 2008

I can see clearly now...

kosong cafe

|...| For every seat in parliament, on the average, the following number of Malaysians voted for each party:

UMNO - 22,782 voters
MCA - 34,652 voters
MIC - 24,616 voters

DAP - 57,278 voters
PAS - 150,211 voters
PKR - 617,518 voters

Every Malaysian who has continued to vote in BN whilst there have been human beings detained at Kamunting, have been guilty of denying their fellow human beings the basic right of liberty and freedom; the right to be charged and to defend themselves at trial.

After Ops Lalang in 1987, we failed the detainees then by giving BN the vote in 1990.

Let’s not fail our 75 brothers and sisters now languishing in Kamunting.

Nazri says a vote for BN is a ‘Yes’ vote for the ISA.

Well, now vote ‘No’ for the ISA."

Excerpt from a Malaysiakini letter,

Kayveas dares attack Samy, not Rustam
Vijay Jan 15

"But where was this valiant streak when Malacca Menteri Besar Rustam Ali came a-calling at your own annual conference and in public, figuratively spat on PPP? You sat there and simply lapped up all that Rustam had to spew out. You did not even have the self-respect to at least walk out of the hall, let alone take Rustam on. Were you scared that such a demonstration of temerity against even an uncouth Umno Mat Rempit leader would be the death knell of your political career? When it comes to Umno, none of you in PPP, MIC, or MCA have the pluck to stand up. Instead, you grovel and continue to invite them. Oh, I forgot. To respond in like vein would not be in keeping with the Barisan Nasional ‘spirit’.Kayveas’ only consolation is perhaps that he is not alone in his shameless sycophancy. When Selangor Menteri Besar Mohd Khir Toyo attended a recent meeting with Hindu temple representatives to discuss the issue of temple demolitions, the committee - unbelievably - presented a shawl to him, a symbol of respect in the Indian culture."

Raja Petra is fond of saying that 191 division leaders of Umno decide who shall be PM and we know why PM has to treat them with velvet gloves.

There is talk that Khairy might stand in Putra Jaya (where the number of constituents is just over 5,000 and most of them are government servants who are known to follow orders), not only because it is physically nearer the PM’s office.

I summarise them as follows:-

A vote for BN is a vote for ISA
A vote for MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc. is a vote for Umno
A vote for BN is a vote for Umno is a vote for status quo
A vote for Umno is a vote for Khairy as future PM…
scary isn’t it?



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