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Jan 5, 2008


Move will burden public, some say
Via: thestar.com.my

IPOH: The move to set a 5kg purchase limit of cooking oil on consumers will only be a burden, a hawker said.

Ali Shahrir said that even now he was facing difficulties in getting cooking oil and that it would be even harder with the limit.

“I went to five grocery shops yesterday before getting a packet of 5kg cooking oil which I use to fry noodles at my stall. I only managed to buy it at the Central Market,” said the 33-year-old hawker.

Ali, who had been selling fried noodles for the past 10 years, said this was the first time he had found it difficult to get cooking oil.

Kinta Consumer Association coordinating officer K. Balakrishnan disagreed with the limit, saying that it would only lead to panic buying and hoarding.

He said cooking oil was an essential item but that like other items such as flour there would be shortages from time to time especially during festive seasons.

“The ministry should look at ways to prevent these shortages once and for all,” he said.


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