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Jan 5, 2008

Sex video filmed in Rm 1301 of 4-star Batu Pahat hotel


(...) She has fled to China to take temporary cover from the hounding journalists since the DVDs were made public. Dr Chua, 61, who quit on Wednesday, a day after he shocked the nation by admitting he was the man in a widely circulated sex video, said the woman is a 'personal friend.' At a press conference on Wednesday, Dr Chua said he was caught because he made the mistake of going 'to the same hotel and the same room' for his trysts with the woman. The Malaysian Association of Hotels on Thursday reminded all hotels that it is not allowed to place CCTVs in any hotel room.

'Any CCTV camera placed in a room will be intruding on the privacy of the hotel guest and is a violation of an individual?s privacy,' Mr Sarjit Singh, the association executive director was quoted as saying by The Star on Friday. 'CCTVs are allowed only in public areas like the lobby and corridors.' 'If you go to a hotel, you might think that his is just any other hotel room,' he said. 'But my biggest mistake was to go to the same hotel and the same room, thinking that it would be more convenient.' |MOre...|


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