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Jan 5, 2008

Chua Soi Lek Video

via tougeking.blogspot.com
Malaysia's Minister of Health, Chua Soi Lek, recently resigned over a little thing like this:

My buddy sent me the video, which was 28:55 in length, the chick "spoke," or rather, screamed in Hokkien (a Chinese dialect) :P

Video analysis:
  • The girl started performing a fellatio on Chua at around 15:00
  • Chua finished at around 27:00
  • Total "fun" time of 12 minutes.
  • Chua was born on the 2nd of May, 1947, which makes him 61 years old in 2008.
  • Chua confirmed the video was recorded in 2005, when he was 58.
  • Chua has a pretty big dick :P
  • I believe this was a case of self-voyeurism, in which case, Dr.Chua, who practiced Psychiatry prior to entering politics, was sexually aroused by watching himself having sex.
  • This was evident at around 15:57, when Chua was receiving head, as he kept his eyes on the notebook.
  • Contrary to Chua's claim that the footage was not self-recorded, I believe it was indeed self-recorded, with the notebook linked to a wireless camera. He was obviously enjoying himself by watching his girl giving him head on the notebook.

I think Chua's a great man for admitting that he was indeed the man in the video. I don't think he needs to apologize. He was having sex with his girl, what the hell was wrong with that? I also don't think he should resign. Does having sex render a politician incapable of running office? I don't think so. Look at Bill Clinton...

I support Chua Soi Lek. I think he rocks and he should stay in office. For those of you that slammed him for this, you guys are just jealous, either because you have a small dick, or you are just not getting any :P


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