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Mar 2, 2008

Bangi residents complaint of excessive noise, want it to stop


BANDAR BARU BANGI, Mar 1 (ES) - Bandar Baru Bangi residents located in Taman Seri Melur in Seksyen 7 tonight had a respite from the excessive noise pollution emanating from a BN ceramah when it had several humiliating power blackouts.

The BN camp which was hastily built just several days ago, started off the night with a loud song whilst waiting for their VIP guest to arrive.

This continued for the next 15 minutes.

According to an irritated resident who called Harakah, her home was located more than 500 metres away from the BN ceramah, and yet the noise from the songs being played was still too loud.

"The songs the BN camp was playing even managed to drown my loud television set," she said, wishing to remain anonymous.

As overlooking the BN camp was several apartments and flats, I could see everyone peering out their windows silently wishing the commotion to stop, she added.

"Young families with babies and children and also factory workers working on shifts live here, how does BN expect everyone to sleep when they can hear the noise even with all the windows and doors closed," she added.

Pointing out to the many PAS flags hanging out of a nearby apartment block, she said perhaps the BN is worried their support is flagging in the area.

"But I have great doubt whether this loud circus is going to attract anyone to listen to their ceramah," she smiled.

The blackouts ranging from five to ten minutes in duration, first occurred several minutes after the a BN spokesman pooh-poohed the arabic phrase "Allahuakbar" meaning "Allah is Greater", one of the many rallying cries for members of Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS).

The N.26 Bangi state seat is being contested by Kajang Municipal council member Mohd Fathil bin Daud for BN and Dr Shafie Abu Bakar for PAS.

Located just a few metres away was the PAS camp which was significantly larger and erected more than a week ago.

And it was was softly playing a recording of a prayer when the BN camp drowned them with their 'song'. -ES


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