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Mar 2, 2008

Jeff Oii slammed Tsu Koon

“Koh, How To Catch Up With Singapore Within A Year?”, Jeff Asks

PENANG, MALAYSIA: Blogger Jeff Ooi who is running against Penang CM Koh Tsu Koon for the Jelutong parliamentary seat on the DAP ticket wants Koh to explain boasts about catching up with Singapore.

Ooi said Koh said nine years ago that Penang would catch up with Singapore within 10 years. Ooi said Koh should show the evidence if he were to claim that his commitment has been realised. Otherwise, Koh should just jump from the Penang Bridge.

Ooi explained that Koh made the above commitment when he was interviewed by Guang Ming Daily in 23 June 1999. The commitment period will expire in another year and it is necessary for Koh to clarify how and whether Penang has catch up with Singapore.

In the press conference Thursday (28 Feb), Ooi said the data by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) shows that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Singapore has up to RM156,000 (SGD 48,900). How about Malaysians then?

“I will photocopy this newspaper article to Jelutong voters for them to understand what Koh said before. I hope that Koh will not play with this issue anymore and will answer the question directly. Can Penang catch up with Singapore as scheduled?”

He also intends to use courier to send his new book entitled i-Witness to Koh. He does not require Koh to read the whole book, but read only the preface to learn how to speak the truth.

Ooi also dismissed Koh’s allegations that he had made irresponsible remarks regarding the withdrawal of investors. He said the relevant data are from the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA).

He said, according to the data, Penang's total domestic and foreign investment (approved manufacturing sector plan) fell by a third in 2006, and further by a fifth in 2007.

“I spoke according to the data by MIDA. Can Koh still accuse me for lying? It seems he is the one lying through his teeth.” (Sin Chew Daily)


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