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Mar 2, 2008


Another successful ceramah at Tian Hock Temple
The ceramah on Saturday night was even bigger than the previous one. More than 3,500 people packed the compound of the temple by 8.30pm. Looks like the small advertisements we put up in all five Chinese dailies have worked very well.

We sang the DAP election theme song (in Eng, Chi and Malay versions) together with the crowd and the atmosphere was just right. Once we get the Tamil version next Monday, we will present it to all Malaysian voters through Youtube and other blogs.

We also played the Hindraf and Malaccan pig-farmers video clips before the ceramah proper.

The crowd was again mesmerised by Raja Petra’s speech. His speech is, simply, ‘moving’. We brought him to Kg Raja Uda for the BERSIH ceramah. Again, the charming prince mesmerised the folks there and they scrambled to take photos with him right after his speech.

My young friend Shen gave an impressive speech too. He was invited to speak again tomorrow at the Uptown Pandamaran ceramah.

The son of the great Athinahappan who has just joined the DAP also came to support us.

I was glad to see that chairman Goh and his team came all the way from Rawang to expressed their support to me. Xie Xie Ni Men!

We have video the ceramah tonight and certainly will upload it here for our readers.

Meanwhile, our supporters have put up two giant banners and several billboards today. They certainly looked great and we are now wondering what our opponent would react. So far, they have no anwer for our giant balloons put up yesterday.


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