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Mar 2, 2008

Elizabeth Wong @ Kg Sg Kayu Ara Selatan Report


Elizabeth Wong @ Kg Sg Kayu AraA PKR ceramah was held at a supporter’s home in Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara Selatan on the night of 27th February 2008. The speakers were:

* Syarif Huddin (known as Hunter)
* Nasir Hj. Jaini (Master of Ceremonies for the night)
* Irene Fernandez
* Cheah, the Naib Pengerusi of AMK Selangor (position not verified at this time)
* Elizabeth Wong (PKR candidate for DUN N37 Bukit Lanjan)
* S. Patha (one of Nurul Izzah’s campaign supporters)
* Sivarasa Rasiah (PKR candidate for P107 Subang)

Attendance was small, perhaps 60 people but that was to be expected as it was scheduled on short notice, not that many homes were in short walking distance and this was PKR’s first ceramah in the area.


9.46 PM

Syarif HuddinHunter gave a spirited speech while the crowd was waiting for the arrival of Sivarasa Rasiah and Elizabeth Wong. His opening remarks are reproduced below:

This area of Kayu Ara is considered a stronghold of UMNO. UMNO is very strong here. Perhaps tonight they have tried to disrupt our program by having their own program at the Dewan Orang Ramai.

But with the presence of our voters, our supporters, who have bravely attended tonight, even if it is but two people, we of Parti Keadilan Rakyat will carry on our program without fear or shame!

- translation by ak57

Kawasan Kayu Ara ini dianggap sebagai kawasan kubu kuat UMNO. UMNO sangat kuat di sini. Mungkin malam ini, mereka cuba menggempur program kita dengan mengadakan program ceramah mereka di Dewan Orang Ramai.

Tetapi dengan adanya pengundi kita, penyokong kita, yang berani masuk ke laman rumah ini, walaupun dua orang, kita dari Parti Keadilan Rakyat akan teruskan program kita tanpa rasa takut dan malu!

- original text

Hunter Giving His Speech

9.50 PM

Elizabeth Wong arrives, Hunter carries on his speech. More people begin to show up.
Kg Sg Kayu Ara Crowd Starts Showing Up

Kg Sg Kayu Ara Crowd Starts Showing Up
10.05 PM

Nasir Hj JainiNasir Hj Jaini, a local resident and Master of Ceremonies for the night thanks the crowd and gives a short introduction of Irene Fernandez.

She spoke on:

* How residents whose homes were demolished (for development) have yet to be receive their remuneration
* The difficulty of rising prices and the impending rise of the price of petrol should the present government remain in power
* The riches of the country being taken by the leaders of BN, instead of being shared with the people
* The promise of PKR to not only halt the increase of petrol price, but to reduce it immediately
* The imbalance of the scales of BN (in reference to their logo) where a few people have all the wealth and rise to the top, while the rest of the nation suffers at the bottom

Irene Fernandez
10.33 PM

Cheah, Naib Pengerusi AMK Nasir Hj Jaini introduced the next speaker, Cheah, who is the Naib Pengerusi of AMK Selangor. He expressed his shock at seeing the poor, backwards state of the area in terms of land development when compared to neighbouring areas such as Damansara Utama.

Nasir then introduced the next speaker, Elizabeth Wong.

10.36 PM

After much fanfare, applause and a gift of a garland of flowers Elizabeth Wong began her speech. She spoke about:

1. The giant billboards advertising Barisan Nasional as the sole choice, which was clearly a lie. The crowd strongly agreed
2. The government that has forced the people to close an eye to the obvious acts of corruption
3. The places of worship that have been demolished by the government without any reparations
4. If the state were truly advanced we would have nice roads, comfortable homes, clean air - a good quality of life
5. The deforestation going on for the sake of (politician linked) developers lining their pockets
6. Various corrupt individuals that were the result of BN being too comfortable in their majority control of the government
7. The abuse, kidnapping and rape of children such as the recent cases of Nurin and Sharlinie

Elizabeth Wong Speaking To The Crowd

10.55 PM

S.PathaS.Patha, one of the members of Nurul Izzah’s campaign next gave a passionate speech entirely in Tamil.

11.11 PM

Sivarasa Rasiah’s Arrival
Sivarasa Rasiah arrives.
Sivarasa Rasiah’s Arrival

After being bequeathed a garland of flowers he gave his speech, the final speech for the night. His opening remarks :

My fellow men and women, let me get straight to the point. Whether we want to maintain the old car that is Barisan Nasional, or buy a new car under Keadilan, PAS, DAP or PSM. That is the main issue.

Buy a new car, or bring in a new, advanced, cheaper car.

On the 8th of March we will push out the old BN car and send it to the trash heap, and bring in a new car to drive our country towards a new direction. This is the promise of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim and all the leaders of Keadilan, DAP, PAS and PSM.

- translation by ak57

Saudara saudari, saya pergi terus kepada isu pokok. Samada kita mahu kekal kereta lama Barisan Nasional atau kita mahu beli satu kereta baru di bawah Keadilan, PAS, DAP dan PSM. Itulah isu.

Mahu pakai kereta lama, atau kita masuk kereta baru yang canggih dan murah.

Pada 8 Mac kita akan tolak kereta lama BN dan simpan di tong sampah dan kita bawa satu kereta baru untuk pandu negara kita ke satu arah baru. Inilah yang dijanji oleh Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan semua pemimpin Keadilan, DAP, PAS dan PSM.

- original text

Sivarasa Rasiah Gives His SpeechHe touched on the following points in his speech:

1. the increase in the price of petrol, goods, food and all aspects of life
2. the promise of PKR to reduce the price of petrol, whereas BN claims to increase the price of petrol
3. a review of the contracts of toll companies in order to reduce the tolls levied on highway users
4. a review of the cost of water, electricity and health
5. the provision of free education
6. an improvement of the education system
7. the use of part of Petronas profits (which total RM80 billion per year) to help reduce the burden borne by the people by reducing the previous costs mentioned
8. abolishment of the ISA should the Opposition achieve a majority, followed by the release of those unlawfully detained (such as the HINDRAF leaders)
9. abolishment of the Printing Presses and Publications Act

The speech ended at 11.37 PM.
Elizabeth Wong, Sivarasa Rasiah, Irene Fernandez


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