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Mar 4, 2008

Barisan Rakyat speaks again!


Lau Weng San addressing the crowd

There is nothing more encouraging than to see a larger crowd, each time one attends a rally.
If Tmn Tun was larger than USJ, then surely tonights crowd would have been the largest.
The closest I could get to the stage was no more than 30 people 'deep' (at least 30 people in a straight line between the stage and me)! Hence the best shots I could take were these.

Lau Weng San was addressing the crowd in cantonese, and boy, could he speak. This is the first time I heard one of their members (other than the candidates) speak. He got the message loud and clear through to the audience. Right after, Raja Petra took the stage. (At the same time, blogger Bernard of Ah?Speak now ah? called and ask if I was going to attend the DAP ceramah at Happy Gardens. A large crowd had also gathered there to hear from themselves what DAP had in mind)

Raja Petra proceeded on stage and was given a thunderous applause, even before he began. Almost immediately, the heaven's gave way! It poured as if there were water cannons pointed at us! RPK pointed that if the brave Anak Bangsa Malaysia could withstand the chemically laced water sprayed at them during Hindraf and Bersih, surely the rain would be nothing! The crowd cheered almost every punchline that RPK spurned out!

The heavens opened and the people stayed! A good sign indeed

If the rain could not stop these people, can the BN Machinery?

The crowd stayed, and lets hope that they will matter come March 8th!

RPK reminded all of the Zakaria debacle, Lingamgate and asked the crowd to decide if this is the kind of government they would like (with a leader in denial?). He stressed on the faith of the Kelantanese people in voting in Pas into power for the last 18 years. Addressing the fears of non Muslims if there could be Islamic rule by PAS, he reminded that PAS is only contesting 60 seats in Parliament, and it will have no means of changing the constitution in line with its party policy. However, the previous majority held by the BN government gave it the opportunity to change the Constitution some 600 over times! The last being the Rashid Bill which allowed the current Election Commission Chairman to extend his service by one more year, presumably so to reside over this 12th election. Such, he reminded all that this kind of majority must not be given to any government that ignores the call of the people! RPK touched on the fact that currently, the country is in the care of a caretaker government, and there really is no opposition! Just Barisan Nasional vs Barisan Rakyat! (to thunderous applause again from the crowd!)

Touching on the fact that the first person to London to negotiate Malaya's Independence was Tun HS Lee, he reasserted that even Onn Jaafar left UMNO in view of the one race policy that stands in UMNO till now! RPK echoed what Barisan Rakyat has been pushing, an end to race based politics and no more dividing the people by colour!

Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Rakyat!

You can cheat the Rakyat sometimes, but you can't cheat them all the time!
So please look at the link above and see the difference. The pomp and pageantry that Barisan Nasional stands for or the simplicity and humble stance of the Barisan Rakyat! (No VVIP table, no Kompang troupe, no fancy sofas, no fancy fans, no fancy lights.....) YOU DECIDE!

Why do BN Candidates reject debates with Barisan Rakyat candidates? You may want to see this. Therefore, please remember having your MP is not just having someone to look after your communal issues, its about safeguarding your rights and to ensure that the Executive is accountable for the management of our country!


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