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Mar 4, 2008

Segambut MP Stake-Out!


(...) To get in on the action went to another DAP ceramah at TTDI two nights ago where my guy did speak but it was pouring like mad(BN must've sent their bomohs out -lol) so didn't hear anything he had to say. I was drenched to the bone and so was everyone else but nobody left! Everyone stayed and patriotism was at an all time high. Raja Petra & Haris Ibrahim (go bloggers!!!) proved to be the most popular speakers. The turnout was also enormous, across the street into the mamak shops. No money for DAP supporters only patriotism!!! In fact donation boxes were passed round.

I also found out that his opponent Ma Woey Chi had lost twice in Kepong and is now moving to a BN stronghold that Dr. Tan built up. Sad state of party affairs in Gerakan... BN needs to shape up and I really hope it does but for now... ;) I hope the opposition wins their 1/3 seats... and it really looks possible. Hidup Rakyat!!! More...


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