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Mar 4, 2008

Have you stock up your food supplies ???

My Dad-in Law has stock up his house with enough supplies to last till the 13th GE !

He has enough rice to stock it up out side his house to make it look like a military bunker. His 3 fridge are fill up with ayam, babi, lembu, ikan, itik, unta to name a few types of daging.

The amount of can food can feed a small country like maybe that little dot below Johor for a couple of months.

Onions, garlic, potatoes, flour, nescafe, milk, nescafe, milo, nescafe, yes may dad-in-law drinks nescafe as much as he pees, so well stock, they look like they are being ready to be ship out to 3rd world countries.

I on the other hand, has enough food to make it till the next day. I see it as a good time to go for that long overdue diet.

Friends that I meet ask me, "sudah beli tepung ? susu ? beras ?"

Its like the word of the street, is that BN is going to lose big.

But this is the catch, people on the street (Malay, Chinese, Indian dan lain-lain) seems to feel if BN were to lose its 2/3 majority or lose the government, UMNO is going to create chaos. Notice, UMNO, not MCA, not MIC, not BN, but UMNO is going to create chaos.

No bloody sane person is going to create any chaos other than UMNO.

So before you start sharpening that machete (parang) of yours, think, if you do this, you are just a a puppet for UMNO, the people that you were going to vote out in the first place.

And by the way, normally during election time, Christians just pray for peace and a safe election , period. This time around, the priest is telling us to vote wisely. Imagine all this years, all Christians do during election is pray, this time around they are told to vote wisely.

I suppose there is only one thing left to say,



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