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Mar 4, 2008

Police Seize Teoh Eng Ching's Microphone

SEGAMAT, MALAYSIA: A police officer seized Democratic Action Party's (DAP) candidate for Labis Teoh Eng Ching's microphone which she took it from the party's leader Lim Kit Siang.

Lim met the local people and shook hands with them after giving a 10-minute speech in Labis Monday (3 Mar). When Teoh took the microphone from Lim and intended to thank Lim, a police officer suddenly approached her and tried to seized the microphone, causing disturbance in the crowd.

Teoh said loudly that “This is democracy, look, this is what we call democracy.”

The public were worried about her as she is pregnant.

Lim immediately went forward to reconcile them and one of the police officer informed the public that it was an illegal rally and urged the public to leave immediately. Seven Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) officers were there to ensure safety. (Sin Chew Daily)


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