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Mar 6, 2008

I can't wait for the election..A MUST READ ITEM


Gentlemen, something to ponder...

You won't read this everyday, only 5 years (maybe 3 and a half year) ONCE!!

You may have received similar mails like this article but if that CHANGE and HELP our country and our next generation, will you copy and forward this to your friends and relatives?? Will you read, understand and explain the crucial decision we have to make? Let them understand their votes decide the future!!

It is absolutely crucial that the BN HAS TO BE denied its 2/3 majority in Parliament.

Even with 51% of the seats the BN will still rule the Government but they will be on their tippy, tippy toes. This is what we all want.

We want checks and balances. Firstly, if they lose the 2/3, it will cause a major psychological shock to the BN. It will most likely cause Abdullah Badawi's head to roll. The UMNO boys will replace him. If Badawi goes, the son-in-law, the cronies, the crooks, the thieves, etc., will all go too.

And the batch that replaces them will learn to pray to their gods more diligently, speak better Malay, Tamil and Mandarin, eat with chopsticks, sing Kongsi Raya songs and all the other good things that are needed to run this country properly.

Denying the BN the 2/3 is also crucial because it will mean that many BN (especially UMNO) candidates would not have public office. If they lose their MP and ADUN seats, they cannot become Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, State EXCO members, etc. This means their money tree will be cut off. They will no more be in a position to hand out goodies. UMNO and MCA will choke. This will cause great soul searching especially in UMNO

And MCA, which will finally lead to body piercing and ultimately head chopping.

It will change our politics for ever.

That is why it is absolutely crucial that all Malaysians stand up to bat for the future of this country. We do not need mere protest votes. We must Vote for drastic change. Out with the decrepit buggers. They smell and they are filthy. I can't wait for the elections.

Thousands of UMNO members will be voting against the BN this time. Among them will be Tun Dr Mahathir. Even more thousands of non-UMNO Malays will be doing the same thing.

Tun Dr Mahathir has made it plain that we should not vote for the BN. Dr Mahathir used discreet, indirect language. First he said that we should vote for 'credible candidates'. He then said that 'we cannot change UMNO from within; the change has to come from outside, so vote wisely'. Put together, these two indirect messages become a direct insistence from Dr Mahathir that we should not vote for the BN. He could not have been blunter.

We are most definitely going to see a very big swing in Malay votes this time around. This is where the Chinese and the Indians must step up to the plate and be ready to swing the bat. The Chinese in Penang , Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Kelantan and elsewhere have already made it known quite early on that they will not be voting for the BN this time. Let us reach out to our Chinese brethren and help reaffirm their commitment. Let us reassure ourselves that when the time comes, each of us does have the power in our hands to change our destiny and the destiny of this country which is our home. Let us be rid of the morons, imbeciles, the liars and the thieves. Also the murderers who have blown up Altantuya Shaarribuu Setev.

MCA and UMNO thought we are still like those days. Nearer to the dates of election, giving out "sweets" and "empty Promises" will work again this time!

Dear friends, they have forgotten about the POWER of the Internet now. We know too much of their tricks & we will not be cheated again!!

We have decided!!

We have decided!!

We have decided to CHANGE and to RESCUE our country!!!!

Vote for Justice. Vote AGAINST Corruption.

Vote for opposition to CHANGE the country for the better.

Let’s rebuild a MALAYSIAN country we call home.


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