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Mar 6, 2008

PM Club members in ugly shouting match with hecklers


A routine trip to the Permatang Pauh market to hand out Barisan Nasional souvenirs developed into an ugly shouting match today. A convoy of 10 cars from the 'We Love Pak Lah' Club was caught in an altercation when an unidentified man accused the supporters of blocking traffic in front of the market.

Club members present, comprising mostly young women, were taken aback when the man suddenly appeared on the scene and began shouting obscenities at them.

"You're blocking the road, get out of the way," he shouted at them. The man, dressed in a navy t-shirt with a red collar, began swearing at them, telling the women they were wasting everyone's time.

Group leader Ani Mayuni said male club members accompanying them stepped out of their cars and tried to calm the man down. "They apologised to him and tried to explain that we were simply trying to distribute BN campaign souvenirs to the public but he kept shouting."

The situation became tense when a group of other men converged upon the group and joined in, verbally abusing the women.

"These men tried to block our cars and open our doors,” said Ani, who was clearly affected by the incident. “Someone even took off his shoes and threw them at us.”

"That was the most frightening incident for us in the 12 days we've been campaigning for BN in Penang," she added.

The fight ended when the convoy eventually drove off half an hour later. By then, the unidentified man who had started the argument had disappeared.

"We came here just to support BN and to distribute badges, stickers and fans, that's all,” Ani said. "We didn't expect to be caught in such a situation." - NST


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