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Mar 6, 2008




SINGAPORE: PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has taken his campaigning here where he ran down the country.

He poked fun at Malaysia saying with 10,820 people over 100 years old, it has the highest number of old people in the world while there were 65,535 cases of “overcrowded addresses.”

Anwar, who was talking to reporters after attending a seminar here, claimed that the opposition would win enough parliamentary seats to deny Barisan Nasional a two-thirds majority.

The questions thrown at him included the “loose” coalition among the opposition, his plans in parliament if his party succeeded, the personal attacks by Barisan leaders and PKR funds.

He also spoke about the opposition's zero access to the mainstream media and its biased reporting, phantom voters and the cancellation of the use of the indelible ink.

Anwar alleged that the decision by the Election Commission not to use the ink showed that the election was flawed.

“Barisan is worried as the opposition is making significant inroads as the winds of change are blowing strongly.

“They have started their personal attacks against me,” he told about 50 international and local media journalists yesterday.

On the overcrowded addresses, he gave examples such as an address in Kampar, Perak, having 223 voters while another in Batu Tiga, Shah Alam having 200.

On the accusations made by Dr Chandra Muzaffar, Anwar said he was compelled to pursue legal action as he (Dr Chandra) was factually wrong.

He said the policy on Bahasa Malaysia never changed during his tenure as Education Minister and Bahasa Melayu was only used as an academic language.


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