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Mar 22, 2008

Letter to Badawi by Tamil Youth Network

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I still remember just after the cabinet was dissolved, how BN tried to gain its votes by instilling fear to the rakyat reminding them of the May 13 incident. Najib constantly repeated his speech about the May 13 in most of his ceramah and press statements. Do you think that Malaysians are that stupid to be fooled by the government?

Dato' Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi
Pejabat Perdana Menteri,
Blok Utama, Bangunan Perdana Putra,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
No.Fax: 03-88884333

C:C :-
Chairman Election Commission of Malaysia
Aras 4 & 5, Block C7, Kompleks C,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
Tel : (603)-8885 6500
Fax : (603)-8888 9117

And to all beloved Malaysians,

March 11 -08

Dear Prime Minister,

First of all, I would like to welcome you in to the new era of Malaysians politics. The old money, racial and UMNO Putera politics is no more valid in this country where people choose freedom of rights and a democratic process. Many reasons have caused the big waves of change in your government. Some of the points are as below. I hope this will help you to restructure your government.

1. The peaceful assemblies being disrupted by the police for your own political gain.
2. The use of ISA on innocent Malaysians.
3. The on going corruption.
4. The failure of the judiciary system.
5. The involvement of government officials in the murder of Altantunya.
6. The federal constitution law is violated especially in the freedom of religion under article 11, example in the case of Subashini, Lina Joy, Holy Scriptures and Bibles banned from entering the country, the movie Passion of Christ being banned in Malaysia and the demolishment of holy temples.
7. The one sight media coverage.
8. Discrimination against the Indians.
9. Most of the government project are given to the UMNO Putera`s and fly.
10. The indecent and racial remarks made by your Ministers.
11. The keris issue by Hishamudin
12. No transparency in the accounts administration.
13. And of course much of the noise made by the empty vessel, Khairy.

I still remember just after the cabinet was dissolved, how BN tried to gain its votes by instilling fear to the rakyat reminding them of the May 13 incident. Najib constantly repeated his speech about the May 13 in most of his ceramah and press statements. Do you think that Malaysians are that stupid to be fooled by the government? You took control of the media fully, spending millions in advertising the campaign in TV and newspapers. One advertisement in the STAR by MIC even stated that IF YOU VOTE THE OPPOSITION, BE PREPARED TO PAY THE PRICE. What the hell!!. Is not that against the election law which prohibits candidates from threatening the voters? For weeks there were articles on you and your Ministers doing this and that. But when it was about the opposition, it would be a negative report. Trust me on this, did you know how many Malaysians felt bored looking at you muggy face daily. Some even told me, they felt like want to vomit and was very angry with the press. This is the feedback from the ground, not me. And all this emotions was transferred to the ballot boxes. Personal letters by BN were sent to all citizen with your signature in it. Even the electoral information letter, which provides information on the voting centre and stream, was posted with the BN letter head. A helicopter carrying the BN flag was seen for campaigning purpose. You know using government properties for campaigning is against the law, yet you still choose to allow it. I even came to know that Ang Pow were given for people who attended BN ceramah`s in Penang. All this gave a clear picture to the citizens on the misuse of power given to you.

There was no fairness and equal treatment given to the opposition in this election. But still, with the will of God, they managed to captured five states and deny you the 2/3 majority. You have wasted Malaysians money in millions campaigning in the elections. But it turns out that half of the population did not choose you. How are you going to pay back the money to the people now? Or will you just get on with it.

Lately in your press conference after the official results was out, you answered back to the reporters in a rude way, SUDAH KALAH, KALAH LAH! This attitude reflects your personality. How can a Prime Minister talk in that way? Are you an uneducated Kampung Boy trying to run the show here? Hey, come on ya. Please learn from Mr. Koh Soo Khoon. He will teach you how to accept failure and defeat being a gentleman.

When the Election Commission chairman announced the seats won by BN that night, he was asked by reporters on how many seats were won by the opposition, he answered back in a very angry face and an irresponsible manner, shouting to them saying SAYA TAK TAHU LAH! ITU SAYA TAK TAHU !!! What the hell is wrong with our leaders? How can an EC Chairman say he does not know anything on the seats won by the opposition when at that time the whole of Malaysia had already come to know about the victory of the opposition. Was he sleeping with his wife that night that made him not know anything about the results? I then asked you to sack him from his post and reform the election commission, for giving a reply which cannot be accepted in this world of democracy. It has brought great shame to Malaysians as many foreigners were watching his statement that night live in TV.

You used this election results to prove that Malaysia is a democratic country and that there was no such thing as HANTU VOTERS or cheating. Let me tell you, with or without you knowledge, I don't know, but there were many cheating and fraud planned that day. Most of it was prevented by various organizations volunteering to help in the election process. Many ballot boxes were found unsealed. The serial number was also written by pencil in the ballot papers in some hot areas. This created fear in government staffs casting their vote for the opposition. A police personal even complained he could not vote for the opposition fearing that his vote could be traced by the serial no written in the postal votes. In another case, the Chief counting agent asked both the representative from BN and opposition to stand outside the classroom while he closed the door and was inside. But the candidate was informed about it and quickly responded to the situation. Another case reported was on nearly three hundred people registered in the one same address in Penang . From where did this people come out about suddenly?

Barisan representative were seen pulling votes in the voting area and begged voters to vote for Barisan. Barisan Booth were seen at all the voting centre, claming to provide services such as checking the voters polling stream, and after that they would say PLEASE VOTE FOR BN. There is no need for barisan to provide such services as the EC is already providing it for them inside the voting centre. Why should you then miss use your powers and waste our money on setting up thousands of booth nation wide. Where are the accounts for all this expenditure? Has it not reach the limit allowed to spend in a campaign. All this had gave a clear picture on the unfairness in the election process and the cheating that was about to be done. I then again, urge you to sack the EC Chairman from his post if you say, you are clean and not involved in those matters, because the Election commission has failed in its duties and task from holding a fair and clean election. There were nearly three hundred police reports made that day on the election.

The time has now come for you to change the attitude of your Ministers and reinvent Barisan Nasional. Sack Ministers that does not perform well, and do not tolerate racial hatred in the Ministers. Malaysians today are not the Malaysians of 1969. They have grown to be more matured and they can now think for the future of the country. They can reject you regardless of your race and religion if you fail to perform your responsibilities. No more racial sentiments are tolerated in this community. We have change to become a BANGSA MALAYSIA. Corruption is no more accepted. Unequal treatment to the races has been strongly rejected by the Rakyat.

On people pressuring you to resign, this is my advice. You have to stay on and answer for what mess you have brought upon to this country. There is no escape. Stay and change. The tigers and lions are now in the parliament. And soon the king of the jungle "Tarzan" will be in too, if his wife makes way for him. He is famous swinging in between the races. And he has achieved in bringing all the races together thus creating a new era of politics in Malaysia . So be prepared to face this happy family elected by the people of Malaysia . Don't ever think of giving Samy vellu a post or job in your government. Not even a toilet cleaner. I wish you the best in the future of your career.

May God bless you.

K.Sudhagaran Stanley,
Islanders Tamil Youth Network


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