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Apr 11, 2008

Dr Mashitah angry with Sufiah

By Little Bird

When I was active in UMNO, I used to work with the ulama types (surprise!) when we were fighting PAS (back in the old days). My friends and I were all fired up with enthusiasm and ready to go anytime.

One time we were cruising around Kuala Terengganu with a camera looking to take a picture of someone's brand new second (or was it third) wife). We went through so many kampongs which are actually located smack in the middle of Kuala Terengganu. I can still smell the goats and chicken droppings.

But we could not locate the girl nor get the picture, thus being unable to prove the rumours that the new wife existed. Almost ten years have passed and it is a fact now that the second wife story was true. The young woman had offered herself directly to the old man and he had found it impossible to refuse. Now she is a ten year old wife I assume.

But while we were doing our bit for 'cause and country' free of charge and full of passion, our ulamak friends in UMNO were always looking out for what was in it for them. This means money lah. For every single thing that we thought up, they made money out of it. If there was a briefing to be had for party members about religion or PAS, they would organise the food catering, the printing of pamphlets, the rental of premises, etc. All paid for using other people's money. They always made a buck out of everything. I am not talking kuchi rats here but big names among the ulamak in UMNO. If any of you have seen Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Othman's house you will know what I am saying.

Which is why Dr Mashitah is upset with Sofiah Yousof. Sofiah is of course our homegrown prodigy who also went to Oxford. She is the second Oxfordian from here who finds solace in doing unusual things for money. Unusual meaning not something the average non Oxfordian would do in a day.
Mashitah who sometimes looks like a religious tart is Deputy Minister of something. She pounced on the Sofiah case and 'volunteered' to lead a delegation of women to London to help rescue Sofiah. Of course the delegation would include say ten or fifteen women, all paid for by Encik Taxpayer. Along the way they would make the mandatory visits to Oxford Street (cos Sofiah is an Oxford graduate stupid) and do the required shopping.


Anonymous said...

jangankan kate pulang dengan kejayaan.......

lom sempat pegi lg dah kecundang...
macam mane............

eerrmmmm......ok now... solve dlu problem yg dekat dalam malaysia....
takyah nak berangkat2 nek kapal terbang...

tuu... kat belakang2 lorong tuu... macam2 jenis minah ngan MaT minah ada....sally, ani, julie....aahhhh macam2 laa.....

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