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Apr 12, 2008

HINDRAF’s P.Uthayakumar being Tortured by UMNO led Government


HINDRAF’s P. Uthayakumar was admitted to Taiping hospital on Monday for his diabetic complications. One imperative thing to perceive is that, he was deprived from medications for the past one month even after his family members had handed the needed medication to a prison officer Chief Inspector Ayob. When asked, they were told those medicines “went missing”. A report was lodged to the Taiping Prisons director Mr.Yasuhimi but to no avail. Is UMNO behind all this? Who could it be if it is not them?

Interview with SUAKAM and P. Uthayakumar’s Wife

Even after going through such thrash about in ISA, he’s still very focused with his objective which is to fight for Indian Rights. He mentioned that ”Our struggle must go on. I am happy to make this sacrifice. We all must be prepared to make sacrifice for our future” Oh man, what a great soul he his!!! I am flawless with this guy. more...


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