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Apr 12, 2008

Khairy gets support from an unlikely source

Anwar says PM's son-in-law being made a scapegoat for Umno's poor poll showing

Malaysianinsider - Khairy Jamaludin has received support from an unlikely source — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The beleaguered son-in-law of the Prime Minister has attracted blame for Umno’s poor performance in the recent general election and has reached a level of toxicity in party circles that he was not considered for a position in the government and looks set to play a peripheral role in the party polls in December.

But the man who he has attacked savagely in the past came to his defence in an interview with The Star.

Anwar said: “I don’t share this very personal venom and viciousness that is thrown towards him by many others.

“I follow Umno politics quite closely but I don’t share this personal venom against him. It’s not a popular thing to say these days. It may be perceived as my defending him, but I am not defending him. But I don’t share the view that people are attributing the entire blame for the disastrous defeat on him. I think people either over-generalise or apportion blame. more...


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