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Jun 19, 2008

Kita ke Sanglang!

penarikbeca - [...] Find him at surau or coffeeshop

Courtesy of NST (19/6/08): Residents of Simpang Empat, Kangar, know where they can find their Pas assemblyman Rus'sele Eizan during the day.

He's either at the surau or at a coffeeshop in the heart of the hamlet.

If constituents cannot catch him for a chat after prayers, they can certainly do so over a glass of kopi-O and kuih at the popular eatery.

The former mechanic, who was born and bred in Simpang Empat, is a familiar face in the area.

He has been managing a motor repair shop, Simpang Jaya Motor, for 31 years.
But since being elected assemblyman, Rus'sele has been relying on his son Rosmaini, 28, to manage the family business.

"People come to see me throughout the day at the coffeeshop or surau.

"They ask for financial aid for sick family members or help to get someone into schools."
Many parents have approached Rus'sele to help their children get into institutions of higher learning.... selanjutnya.


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