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Jun 19, 2008

Scandal of Lim Kok Wing's University

Scary stories, so sad for those involved ¡K To all mothers with teenage and young daughters.

Subject: Beware of local university's African students..!!

Please pass the news and warn the parents, government, students and society. This is true and all happened within these two years!

I have a friend's daughter who is studying in Limkokwing University , and she was kidnapped by a Botswana student studying there as well. The African is 37 years old!
The daughter was kidnapped and managed to escape from that African. However, she had been raped, beaten, tied up and punched by the man. That bastard even got
his African friends ( Botswana students too) to rape the daughter. Now the daughter is in trauma.

Because of this case, I have investigated amongst the Limkokwing students, and there are more serious cases that had been happening within these two years. Please
read and spread the news to your friends, it's not rumours. Trust me, or you may ask any of the Limkokwing students! I am sad as it is all covered up by the Limkokwing's
president - Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing.... selanjutnya.

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