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Jun 19, 2008

No Birth Certificate No School!

hindrafinternational - UMNO sacks ten(10) poor Indian pupils from Methodist Tamil School Kapar because they do not have birth certificates/UMNO denies them birth certificates.(Tamil Nesan 13/6/08 front page) UMNO’s Prime Minister Badawi lies again by saying “the (UMNO controlled) government will make sure no one is left behind in mainstream development” (NST 13/6/08 pg 2). These two conflicting news reports but on the same day. Badawi further says “No one from any race, religion or state would be marginalized by the country’s economic growth”. But how not to be left out from mainstream development and not to be marginalized is a non starter when the Prime Minister of Malaysia does not even accord poor and innocent children, their very basic and innate right to their birth certificates.

But it is an offence not to send your child to school. How do the children go to school when the school sacks the child because he or she has no birth certificate. This is the extent UMNO would go to in their racist and religious extremist policies. The Prime Minister told B.N. MP’s at the 2009 Budget Consultation session themed “Enhancing resilience for sustained growth and shared prosperity”. But “shared prosperity” to be read for UMNO and their cronies and specifically excluding the Indian poor. Other 40,000 poor Indian children in the state of Selangor alone would not be denied even to their birth right to birth certificates in the first place by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government. “Abdullah said efforts to bridge income and human capital development gaps would also be given attention”. How is the Prime Minister going to bridge income and human development gaps when he even bullies (using his UMNO majoritarian might and ably backed up by his police army and civil service) poor Indian by not even giving them their basic birth certificates. What are you talking about Mr. Prime Minister?... selanjutnya.


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