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Jul 18, 2008

Anwar will only consider giving DNA sample if ...

malaysianinsider | A day after newspapers painted Opposition icon Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as uncooperative for refusing to give a blood sample for DNA testing, his camp hit back.

PKR vice-president Sivarasa Rasiah said that Anwar would only consider the DNA issue after independent experts had verified the medical reports of his accuser Saiful Bukhary Azlan.

For now, the former deputy prime minister and his lawyers would treat any request for a sample for DNA testing as premature.

"There are not enough facts to the case to warrant a sample and furthermore, prior attempts to fabricate evidence with his DNA samples give rise to suspicion," said Sivarasa.

The government and Anwar's camp are engaged in a full-blown battle to win the hearts and minds of Malaysians. Anwar's camp want to show that the authorities are being vindictive towards him while the government wants to the public to view Anwar's reluctance to give a blood sample as an admission of guilt.

During the press conference, Sivarasa refused to be drawn into a discussion on what Anwar told police during his detention on Wednesday, specifically Anwar's whereabouts on the night of June 26, the night Saiful alleged he was sodomised by the de facto opposition leader.

"We have given all the details to the police and I am not at liberty to discuss it," he said repeatedly at a press conference at Anwar's residence in Segambut today.... selanjutnya.


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