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Jul 18, 2008

Sodomized Malaysians Are A Lucky Lot

malaysiatoday | ...We are all no doubt aware that Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak granted an audience to poor little Saiful Bukhari, at Najib's private home no less. (Let's ignore the little fact that Najib lied about this encounter in a denial only several days prior to his admisison to playing a role as sodomy counsellor). Najib has even gone on record detailing his innate skills as a sodomy counsellor and part-time trauma psychologist by telling the world that he could assess Saiful as telling the truth because Saiful's hands were cold and shaking. Kudos to Najib! We are certainly a country blessed by such a sensitive DPM. But we cannot give all the credit to Najib, because he learned this valuable skill from another: his old mentor and former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir bin Mohammad.

It seems that Mahathir bin Mohammad was not only a top-notch Prime Minister and a medical doctor, but he was also a rape counsellor, specifically for sodomy. In the middle of the Asian Financial Crisis of the mid-90's, the good doctor managed to find the time to personally meet up with, not one, but TWO victims of buggery.

As quoted in Mahathir's own cyber-extension of his (self-admitted) big mouth: HERE

" 7. Is the present complainant a copycat? Hardly likely. Few would care to make public such a very shameful thing as being sodomised. In fact, the last time at least two people came to see me claiming they were sodomised by Anwar. But they were unwilling to make a report or be witnesses in court. One of them, however, did see the imam of Masjid Negara (now Member of Parliament for PAS), to seek advise on the religious angle.'"
How nice! Victims of sodomy in Malaysia do not report to the police, nor seek medical treatment for a ripped anal spinchter or undergo tests for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, but they go straight to Mahatir bin Mohammad and Najib Razak to complain about their misfortune. And these two good men, take time out of their busy schedules of running the country into the ground, to tend to the complaints of sodomy victims.

How heartening! But let's dispense with the bullshit already!... selanjutnya.


Anonymous said...

If you are sodomised by Najib, it would be crazy if you go to the police. You would go to see Pak Lah.

Anonymous said...

1. Azizan was not a victim but rather an accomplice of DSAI in the 1998 sodomy case. Therefore his testimonials were struck off by the Court of Appeals. It means that he and DSAI did engaged in sodomy out of mutual consent. The Court agrees with DSAI defence that Azizan was a partner and NOT A VICTIM and henceforth there is no case for DSAI to answer. Tutup kes!

2. Same thing goes for Saiful, who after 8 times having FUN with DSAI will now accuse his partner [DSAI] for sodomy. No case. The judge will sentence Saiful to jail for attempting to blackmail and defame his ex-boss.

3. So guys and gays, do you see the difference now ? If you are genuine victim, you report to the police. If you are a willing partner who later repents/regrets, then you go on balling and keep your gap shut.

RPK ni saja buat gempaq. Mentang2lah dia pandai English, habis semua Melayu dan Jawa dia nak kelentong!

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