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Jul 21, 2008


malaysiawaves | .....I call upon all Pakatan Rakyat leaders to be careful of active attempts made by UMNO/BN to break Pakatan Rakyat apart.

It has been a along standing policy of UMNO/BN that there must never be a competition to Barisan Nasional. In other words, to BN, there must never be an alternative allowed to exist along with Barisan Nasional.

My sources from inside Ministry of Home Affairs have informed me that such program has been planned and adopted by them after their loss in PRU12. Their plan now is to aim at weaknesses of Pakatan Rakyat and try to break Pakatan Rakyat apart.

They saw that in 2004, after Barisan Alternatif was broken up, they managed to win handsomely and the people will shift back to them in large numbers. This is because voters will vote for stability first, then other issues.

In fact, I dare argue that Chinese and Indian did not vote for change in PRU12. They voted as a sign of protest but their numbers were too great and it resulted in the fall of BN in so many seats.

So, Pakatan Rakyat made the right move going forward when they formed the Pakatan Rakyat after the PRU12 victory... selanjutnya.


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