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Jul 21, 2008


kamaltalks | ....Datuk Seri Anwar had claimed that during his original case in 1998, Tan Sri Musa and Tan Sri Gani had fabricated and manipulated evidence in the case in an investigation into the severe beating Datuk Sri Anwar received when he was in police custody at that time, and fear a similar situation will occur if these two persons are allowed into this probe.

What that surprises us is PM Datuk Sri Abdullah thinks we, Malaysians are 'stupid' to buy his story. These two person are still IGP and AG and have absolute control of their respective departments and being their head, obviously their subordinates who are involved in this case will have to adhere to their 'instructions', although on the surface it may seem they are not involved.

To show fairness and since there is a pending case of fabrication which is a CRIME, these two person (IGP and AG) should be arrested and subsequently suspended until the matter has been resolved completely.

In this manner, these two persons will not be able to interfere and use their influence in any decision making.

Will PM Datuk Seri Abdullah be prepared to suspend these two persons IGP and AG immediately.... selanjutnya.


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