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Dec 31, 2007

Now, This Is What I Call CHEAP!!!

via enarip.blogspot.

Anyone out there still watch the news on our local tv channels? Watch and believe in their contents, I mean...

Take a look at this news item I saw on TV3's Buletin 1:30 yesterday afternoon. Pay special attention to the small boy's interview...

Did you hear that? I mean, damn! They coached that small boy to thank UMNO!!! The person who coached the boy sounded like the journalist himself!

How low! How cheap! Coaching a small boy to thank UMNO! Sheeesh!!!! On tv!!! Soooo malufying (embarrassing)!!!

When no one your own size thanks you, you coach a minor to do it, right on the news. Now, that's spin doc on the roll, alright!


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