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Dec 31, 2007

We are the ones suffering the most.

SPECIAL PAY-OUTS: We, too, hit by rising costs
By : N.A.S., Puchong

LAST year, the government saved RM4 billion on petrol subsidies. Everybody was affected but civil servants were "shielded" because they were given a cost of living allowance (Cola).
Cuepacs then sought a salary increment, citing the rising cost of living. In May, the government gave 1.2 million civil servants not only a pay rise but doubled their Cola starting from July.

After the increases, a clerk in government service will enjoy a take-home pay equivalent to that of a university graduate working in the private sector six days a week, 280 days a year -- 60 days more than the clerk.

It seems that civil servants lead better lives, enjoy good pay and allowances and work fewer days.

Less than three months after civil servants started drawing their new salary, Cuepacs is seeking RM2,000 as an honorarium, citing the cost of living as the reason again. Another RM2.4 billion will fly out of government coffers if it caves in to the demand.
Please bear in mind that the cost of living has gone up for everybody. But while civil servants are laughing all the way to the bank, we in the private sector have to tighten our belts.

Next year, we will have to pay more for petrol and face an increase in highway tolls, too, because the government cannot afford to continue subsidising these services.

Why should employees in the private sector be further burdened while another group of people is taken care of through our hard-earned money?

We appeal to the government to look into the welfare of all Malaysians. To be fair, if the government decides to give a bonus to civil servants, then taxpayers should be granted a RM2,000 tax rebate and other fees that burden us should be lifted. We are the ones suffering the most.


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