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Dec 18, 2007

A Nurin Walk?


via nurinjazlin.blogspot

In his Open Letter to the Prime Minister said to be sent to all MP’s, media / press and some NGO’s, Ambrose Sabastian of Penang declared that :-

".... Again I wanted to walk carrying placards on 5-1-2008 at 3.00 p.m. from Lorong Kulit Hindu Temple to Gurney Drive. With me four friends will walk together and distribute the leaflets informing why we are walking. Less than five people never need police permit neither it is not an illegal gathering. The walk is for alerting the public about the missing girl Nurin Jazlin Jazmi who was murdered and stuffed in a sport bag and the incompetent police investigation. I was unhappy when one minister stupidly threatens Nurin’s father saying law is a law. In fact poor people have to earn money for their rice bowl. Twenty-four hours they can’t guard their children. It will very nice if it happened to one of the Ministers child and we can see how the law works?

Deputy Internal Securities Minister Datuk Mohd Johari told in Parliment that even with the help of the FBI, the enhanced CCTV images did not show the registration number clearly. The Police can’t conclude this case and can’t find the killer. Now I put up a challenge with Home Minister that what a great Scotland Yard Malaysian Police and the Greatest FBI can’t do to solve Nurin’s murder case but we can able to solve within short period. I can ask my boys in KL and Klang to solve this case easily provided..."

Hmmm, it seems that walks and rallies are the in-thing now in Malaysia. Starting with the Walk for Justice, The Bersih Rally, The Hindraf Rally, The Human Rights Walk and now .... The Nurin Walk!

The above two paragraphs are extracted from quite a long letter published here.

While I wouldn't want to comment much on his rationalisation of the proposed walk, I do feel however (and judging from within the context of the Open Letter) that this latest plan is no more than another smear campaign on the Police as well as the government of Malaysia.

As this Open Letter made reference to the Nurin case, perhaps the authorities can quickly do something on at least the Autopsy pictures' case if not the abduction cum murder case itself. Otherwise, the Nurin case will always pop up over and over again even for events that has got not much relevance to it as clearly seen in this Open Letter which was circulated world wide.

Jasni AJ


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