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Dec 18, 2007

Samy Vellu Tries To Take Credit For Acquittal Of Hindraf 31 On Attempted Murder Charge

the-malaysian.blogspot - The things this old bugger will do to get back into the good books of the nation's Indian community! Why is he thanking the government for? After all wasn't it the government which with mala fide intentions jailed them in the first place and hauled them to court on the most absurd 'attempted murder' charge? Why should he thank the authorities for the beatings and humiliation that they had been subjected to while being held in prison?

And what is this nonsense that the opportunistic Samy is trying to spin by saying, "the Barisan Nasional government has shown compassion towards the sufferings and anguish of the families and parents of those detained"? That's C-grade bullshit which only the MIC is capable of propagating. Our berjuang-ing pemimpin have not shown compassion, understanding or remorse.

The reality is that the Umno leadership had unwisely painted itself into a corner by manufacturing lies and using trumped-up charges and in the process unwittingly made martyrs of these protesters. Under pressure from within the Barisan as well as the intelligentsia in the country and influential forces outside, they had no choice but to extricate themselves from this mess pretty quickly. This they did to save themselves the embarrassment of being caught out in court as well as to avoid stepping on too many powerful toes. |more...|


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