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Dec 18, 2007

Who is the director of this Movie? "HINDRAF"

via malaysia180degree

Is it that it took AAB some time to understand that a dialysis-dependent kidney patient, and one with a hole in the heart wont be recruited in to any terrorist organization unless as a suicide bomber .

- The whole world is laughing on this murder charges.


He and his people are orchestrating a scene where MIC president will be loosing the ground support and to put up a new drama where he could push Subra in as the saviour for Indians.


Is it that he doesn’t realize that?

If HINDRAF had terrorist links, then we would see suicide bombing in KL not a Rally. We could see the assassination of the racist politician not a Rally.

If HINDRAF is anti Muslim, We would see them targeting the Muslims – Not the government. Their statements would be Anti-Muslim – Not Anti-Government policies.


Was it a foiled plan to replay the May13

– NO way, People are more educated & well informed through internet and SMS.


Is it the game well directed so that they can release the 5 before the election and get them to support the subra faction?

Reasons to doubt:

‘HINDRAF 5’ is detained under Section 8 of the Internal Security Act instead of the ‘normal’ Section 73.

But there is something else that happened during this same period and which went unnoticed and unreported. On 10 December 2007, the Attorney-General wrote the Deputy Minister of Internal Security a letter asking him to release Goh Cheng Poh a.k.a ‘Tengku’ Goh from Restricted Residence. As reported earlier, Tengku Goh is number two to BK Tan, the head honcho of the organised crime syndicate that controls the drugs, prostitution, loan-sharking and illegal gambling network all over Malaysia. He also controls the police computerised information system.

More details can be read here:


Assuming HINDRAF is for real,

They might have voiced the plight of Hindu Malaysian Tamils ONLY. But that’s their part to do. UMNO have the racist ministers, who call other ministers racist when they the plight of their community.

“If the Indian ministers are called racist, Chinese ministers are asked to go back to china, Then why are they called as the representatives of their respective community? Then what is the meaning of multiracial party?”

– This is the cause of support for the uprising of the groups like HINDRAF.

Vineeth Menon


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