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Feb 17, 2008

11 year old girl arrested??


Excerpted from The Star:

160 arrested in Hindraf’s ‘rose’ rally

KUALA LUMPUR: Police arrested 160 Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) supporters who took part in its “rose” campaign Dataran Merdeka area Saturday and nine of them, including a woman have been held for further investigations

[ . . . ]

Of the 160 arrested, 138 were men and 22 were women, including an 11-year-old girl. The girl was later released.

Okay. Breathe, Carol, breathe.

Someone needs to enlighten me as to why an 11-year old girl was arrested.

We’ve all been 11 at some point of our lives. How would you like to have been arrested at that age?

What could she possibly have done to warrant being arrested? To be lumped in with grown men and women… possibly handcuffed and shoved? Can you imagine? The whole melee, and this little 11-year old girl, who, unless is extremely tall, is probably at least 1 foot shorter than everyone else being pushed around, confused?

Seriously. Did they slap handcuffs on her? That would be a traumatic experience okay. Were the policemen rude to her? Did they shout vulgarities at her?

It is bad enough when a peaceful rally is treated this way by gomen… it was a ROSE Rally for goodness’ sake. Just people, armed with a rose as a symbol of peace! What could they have done with it? Poke people with its thorns?!

And oh, let’s see, I just got an update through Malaysiakini:

By 6pm today, the police released all arrested Hindraf supporters, including 20 children, except for nine people who are still being detained for questioning.


I am appalled. Wow, thanks, government. Thanks for showing your true colors again. S.V., I’ll like to take you up on your claim that “the majority of Indians would vote for the ruling Barisan in the election.” We’ll see about that. Indeed… especially after today. =)

Once again, to re-clarify what I’ve already mentioned in a reply for my previous post… I’m not saying that you should 100% vote for the opposition. Vote for the RIGHT person. Vote for the person whom you think really WOULD be able to represent you, not some sleeping MP who doesn’t do anything for the community. By saying vote WISELY, I meant by using your head. Not all of the Opposition are good, but then again… neither are a lot of the current ruling coalition.

Use your brains la! =)

No2umnO - Hey police ... .Go and get Sharlinie la....wasting your time. fool !!!


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