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Feb 17, 2008

Hindraf Rose Protest: Hearing at 8.30 am today


The police acted like hooligans again.In this country, giving the flower of love Roses to the Prime Minister is a very serious offence.Even chemical-laced water and teargas must be used to disperse the young flower-givers.

Ironically, some of the protesters shouted ” we love Badawi (i.e. the prime minister). (Huh? still love badawi after all these ugly happenings?)

Some of them carry the portrait of the King to demonstrate their love for him.

Only about 500 made it to Jalan Raja Laut area. But I would say that more than 5,000 protesters were in KL yesterday despite of the stern warnings from the BN government.

About 2,000 regrouped at the temple in Pudu according my friend Temenggong.He was there with his two lovely daughters. I was proud of him.

I will be at the Duta Courts today at 8.30 am together with some DAP lawyers.

Gobind Singh Deo, RPK, David Bala and I went to the police station at the former Pudu Jail to see if we could help after the mass arrest.

The Dang Wangi OCPD refused to meet us over the arrest. What a coward!

We must thank Al Jazeera for the live telecast and Malaysiakini for the three video clips.

Makka Sakthi ! Vaagal!


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