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Feb 25, 2008

Barisan Nasional go for online advertisement . hehehe


I'm not sure if anyone realised it, especially Malaysian bloggers. I was checking my Windows Live Mail when I saw this on the leaderboard size ad.

As I hover over the ad, this is what that came out from the familiar blue ad.

Seems that the election campaign is getting creative. I wonder if I'll ever get to see online ads by PAS, PKR, DAP as well (opposition parties). Then again, who doesn't know that the government's party would always be the richer side?

For Malaysian readers, remember to exercise your rights as voters. It doesn't matter which party you choose as long as you cast your vote, because we are all Malaysians. Opinions do differ, but do not let it strain our the ties among us. Peace be with you.

(The author is currently 21+ and is age-eligible for voting. However, he would not be voting as he had not registered yet as a voter. "Well, there's another one in 4-5 years time. It'll never be to0 late to vote by then," the author consoling himself as he was told that electors have to register by October last year to qualify as voter.)


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