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Feb 25, 2008

Undilah Barisan Rakyat!


Barisan Rakyat Poster

No, not Barisan Nasional, but the Barisan Rakyat. For so long, we have had to put up with the lies and abuse of those in power, who used this power to stifle the people’s views. The Barisan Rakyat consists of 6 political parties who has endorsed a declaration called “The People’s Declaration”.

The People’s Declaration was drafted by the civil society movement, and it’s contents can be found here (Mandarin and Malay versions available as well). The 6 parties that have endorsed this declaration are:

  • DAP
  • MDP
  • PAS
  • PKR
  • PSM

*Note: Barisan Nasional parties were given a chance to endorse the People’s Declaration but there was no response.


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