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Feb 25, 2008

Shah Alam Umno buries the hatchet

SHAH Alam Umno has finally buried the hatchet and the only direction for them now is to move forward.

Incumbent Shah Alam MP Datuk Seri Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin described the demonstration, reportedly staged by a group of 50 people — believed to be disgruntled Umno division members in Shah Alam last Thursday, questioning his capability — as a temporary emotional state. Abdul Aziz admitted that he would also feel hurt if an outsider walked into his territory.

“There’s no grudge. Yes, there was a bit of a upset but I’ve been here for four years now and Datuk Salamon (pix) and I are still talking to each other.

“This is because it was only a temporary emotional state. And today, we’re sitting together and agree to the (Umno) party’s needs.

“So, don’t think that what the group did was wrong. It wasn’t. He (Salamon) was merely satisfying his people and that was why he had to voice it out.”

The demonstration, it was learnt, was by Salamon’s supporters who wanted him to replace Abdul Aziz to contest the parliamentary seat.

Salamon, who is Shah Alam Barisan Nasional chairman and former Shah Alam Mayor, is the incumbent Batu Tiga State assemblyman. Abdul Aziz also said no matter what happened in the party, they are still a family.

“As a party, be it from Perlis to Sabah, we are a big family. Sooner or later, it would get calm and today, we have a ‘war’ to deal with that is to determine our victory on March 8,” he told a Press conference in Shah Alam yesterday.

Salamon, who was also present, said there was a resolution by the Umno division before this.

“As a division chief with the resolution on my shoulder, that was why we had to come out with a memorandum based on a conclusion made by the representatives in 2006 and 2007.

“This happens anywhere else. But most importantly, the candidacy problem is settled. It’s over,” he said.

Salamon also said the division’s main concern now is to focus on winning.

No2umnO - Dilapurkan oleh penduduk Shah Alam bahawa sehingga tika ini pun pondok pondok gerakan mereka banyak yang kosong. Khir Toyo sebelum ini menyatakan bahawa beliau telah memohon bantuan Salamon untuk meredakan kemarahan penyokong UMNO.

Berikutan itu di Shah Alam, tiada kelihatan usaha usaha penggantungan sepanduk seperti tahun 2004 dahulu. Manakala sumber kewang yang lewat diterima antara penyebab usaha berkempen agak lembab. Maklumlah, UMNO.....tanpa wang, tiada perjuangan.


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