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Feb 23, 2008

Your Kok Too Hard


If Loh Seng Kok once thought he could affect change from the "inside", I hope he is wide awake now.

If Loh Seng Kok once thought MCA is an equal partner in the BN coalition, I hope he is wide awake now.

If Loh Seng Kok once thought he could reason with the Malay Ultras, and the Mullah Dickheads in UMNO, I hope he is wide awake now.

If the MCA supporters once thought MCA has any real power within the BN coalition, I hope they are wide awake now.

Of course, there are always Christian politicians who do not just sit idly by when the rights of non-Muslims are encroached upon. Apart from some opposition parliamentarians, Loh Seng Kok, the MCA Member of Parliament for Kelana Jaya, once voiced the concern that the new edition of history textbooks used in national schools made light of non-Malays’ contribution to nation-building. Loh, in one of the parliamentary sessions, also requested that the directive of the Islamic Development Board (Jakim) for the private sector to conduct Muslim prayers during meetings be retracted.

Unavoidably, Loh’s conscientious acts hit a raw nerve when some Umno extremists gathered outside his service centre and yelled at him, warning him to mind his own business. But Loh lives in a country where absurdities and bizarreness abound. Instead of seeing the mobs punished for their unruliness, we now know that Loh has been dropped from the MCA candidates’ list. [Josh Hong, Malaysiakini]


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