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Feb 23, 2008

Perlis Umno infighting


Five thousand people turned up at the mentri besar’s official residence in Kangar on Thursday when word got around that Shahidan would not be fielded.

Yesterday, some supporters could not contain their emotions and started tearing Barisan Nasional flags and posters of the Prime Minister were sprayed red. Several tendered resignation letters as division committee members.

Unhappy lot: Perlis Puteri Umno Information chief Amzira Abdullah showing the resignation letters of some of the movement members at the official residence of Perlis Mentri Besar.

Some 65 Umno committee members mainly from the Arau division had submitted their resignation letters to Shahidan, the party president and secretary-general after hearing speculation that Shahidan would not contest in a state seat, eliminating any prospect of him being made the mentri besar.

“I have to ensure the election machinery is once again in place. Their resignations have turned the situation in the state chaotic.

Shahidan said he was informed that about 1,000 Barisan flags were removed, adding that he needed to get things back in order.

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