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Mar 27, 2008

22 assemblymen still want Idris as MB, urges PM to remain firm

Rosol, who is in Kuala Lumpur with the other 22 assemblymen, including Idris, said "we are very strong now, and God willing, good news is on our side." Rosol, however, refused to elaborate.

"All of us remain firm that we are solidly behind Idris. Our support is unwavered. However, we will leave it to the PM to resolve this issue. As far as we are concerned, we will just take instructions only from the PM and Idris."
Except for Idris, Rosol said all of the 22 assemblymen would return to Terengganu today.

On March 16, the 22 had gone to see Abdullah to express their support for Idris as the menteri besar.

Among them were Datuk Din Adam (Bukit Besri), Datuk Mohd Awang Tera (Cukai), Datuk Za'aban Md Adib (Rantau Abang), Alias Abdullah (Alur Limbat), Datuk Rahim Md Said (Teluk Pasu), Datuk Muhammad Ramli Nuh (Tepuh), Toh Chin Yaw (Bandar), Dr A. Rahman Mokhtar (Kuala Besut), Zawawi Mohd Ismail (Kuala Berang), Halim Jusoh (Permaisuri), Yahaya Khatib Mohamad (Pengkalan Berangan), Rozi Mamat (Telemong), Ashaari Idris (Langkap), Ramlan Ali (Jabi), Razif Abdul Rahman (Seberang Takir), Rosli Othman (Kemasik), Nawi Mohamad (Hulu Besut), Khazam Che Mat (Batu Rakit), Zakaria Ariffin Abdullah (Paka) and Mohd Pohimi Yusof (Kota Putera).

BN won 24 of 32 state seats in the 12th general election.

Earlier in the day, Abdullah had an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, who is also Sultan of Terengganu for the routine Wednesday visit but with an added agenda – resolving the impasse on who should be the Terengganu MB.

Tuanku Mizan had used his discretionary powers to appoint Datuk Ahmad Said, the Kijal assemblyman, going against Abdullah’s choice which was Idris. The Ruler was reported to have been displeased with Idris’ conduct when he was MB. - NST


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