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Mar 17, 2008

Compromise works both ways

Scream about a 'one-Malaysia' by all means. Demand that all races be considered Malaysian and not Malays, Chinese and Indians, if that makes you happy. But make sure your actions match your words. And if you scream 'no compromise', then expect no compromise in return.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

I was at a party on Saturday night and one Chinese man who sat beside me commented that 'we Chinese are scared of PAS because we don't want Malaysia to be turned into Iran'. I then asked him what exactly is it like in Iran and he was at a loss for words. He could not reply to my question. I then asked him if he had ever gone to Iran and he shook his head. Had he even gone to Kota Bharu? No!

I then commented that if I see dark clouds in the sky and if I hear thunder, I can safely assume that it will rain. “Can I in turn ask you, what are the signs that gives you the impression PAS will turn Malaysia into Iran?” I asked this Chinese man. He muttered below his breath that 'this is just what we Chinese think'.

“Sure, there must be a reason as to why Chinese think this way,” I replied. “What are the reasons?” He did not reply.

“Okay,” I continued. “Why do the Chinese assume that Malaysia will turn into Iran (though this certain Chinese man had no clue as to what it was like in Iran). Why can't you instead assume that Malaysia will be turned into Turkey?”

Again, he did not respond. “Do you know that in Turkey they 'ban' the use of the tudung? One woman Member of Parliament was in fact told to leave the Parliament building when she entered Parliament wearing a tudung. That is even 'better' than Malaysia. In Malaysia, you choose whether to wear it or not. In Turkey, they forbid you from wearing it.”

The Chinese man shook his head and gave me a 'I did not know all that' look. He then 'closed the subject' by saying, “That is what the rural Chinese think. I am from the rural area. Maybe the Chinese in town think differently.” This was actually a no-answer answer but I thought I too would drop the subject because this certain Chinese man had no clue what he was talking about and merely expressed his views based on what he fantasised in his mind. In fact, many Chinese I have met share this same mentality. They make assumptions based on what they imagine to be the truth rather than based on what they have personally experienced. Most times it would be stories they pick up at coffee shops and restaurants related by so-called experts who not only have never visited a Muslim country but have never even been to Kelantan. more...


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