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Mar 17, 2008


The Arrival Of A Monkey

A particular bobo by the name of Khairy has just got the permit to hold a meeting with all the Muslims at the State Mosque in Penang. That motherfucker will be arriving on the 20/3/08. As you guys know he is the son-in-law of the infamous "SLEEPING BOBO". What is his purpose having a meeting with all the malays? I cant say but I have this bad feeling about it tho. So to all my readers out there, you are adviced to stay at home on that day, heck maybe even prepare some food incase of anything. Those idiots are only good at jeopardizeing the safety of the public. Ever since the opposition party took over Penang state, those bobos cant really sit tight on their sits anymore.

Oh and for the recent outbreak in Penang's "PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION" in prangin mall, here is a dialogue between my mums friend with a bobo standing there protesting.

Mums fren: Kak apasai semua orang diri kat sini?
An-idiotic-bobo-with-excessive-cloth-on-her-head: Saya pun tak tao, depa bagi saya 80 ringgit untuk diri sini 2 jam. Saya pun diri lah.

WOOO bribery in the broad day light? You be the judge. UMNO has become so desperate that they forked out RM 48,000 to ask those fuktards to "demonstrate". Mofos. Gets me pissed even by writing this post. So as a conclusion, stay home, be safe, and smash those bobo's face if they try to do anything funny.


Anonymous said...

bila gelombang kuning(bersih),pas nak buat penyerahan tugas demontrasi secara resmi kat diaorang ni.lepas ni kita relax2,tak payah berpeluh2,cuma dia org ni tak dak pengalaman main polis sentrilah,tak rasa kna hujan buatan dan lain2lagi...

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