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Mar 17, 2008

Conspiracy Theory - PGCC


An article received in a forwarded e-mail written in Chinese lately, which I think worth sharing.

Despite losing 2/3 majority and 5 states to the opposition in the election, leaders from BN - Badawi of UMNO, Ong Ka Ting of MCA and Semi Value of MIC decided to stay in a thick face manner despite calls for them to resign from the top post. Their reputation to the people has dropped to the lowest point and it doesn't do any good to their party so they have to go.

The only BN leader who admitted defeat and resigned from the top post is Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon. He even attended the swearing ceremony of the newly elected Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng from DAP.

There are rumours saying Koh purposely lost Penang in order to let DAP take charge of the state, to avoid being controlled by UMNO Youth - which link directly to Khairy the son-in-law.

What's the relationship of Khairy with Penang? - the RM25 billion rated Penang Global City Centre (PGCC).

Equine owned by businessman Patrick Lim, aka Patrick Badawi who won the project because of his close ties to the son-in-law and the first family.

Such mega projects of course had to be approved by the Chief Minister which Koh wasn't quite agreed as there are too many issues involved. Badawi stepped on Koh to launch the project even before Koh approved it. Koh still didn't approve the project and UMNO decided to play their best trick - the race card by accusing Penang is marginalising the Malays who live there. The motive is to pull Koh down the CM and to put its own people who will be willing to 'cooperate'.

The issue was finally resolved, Koh kept the CM chair but was badly hurted and had to approved PGCC.

8/3/08 - BN lost Penang to BA

10/3/08 - KLSE was suspended because of dropping for more than 10%, many stocks were suspended twice including Equine.

11/3/08 New CM Lim Guan Eng announced to review project PGCC.

Many will doubt how Koh influenced the voters. He made some surprises relocating PGRM candidates in the states which created some mess in the party before the election.

I heard Equine was the first to send bouquet to congratulate Lim Guan Eng, I hope Lim will do something to justify Koh's sacrifice, if it's true.

Good news to the people, bad news to the Badawi's family.

Had enough from Badawi and his son-in-law? If so sign the petition to support Mukhriz Mahathir's urge for Badawi to step down as Prime Minister, my signature is No. 391.


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